What People Are Saying

“I just got back from The Silverball Museum in Asbury Park New Jersey. All I can say is WOW! I was there once before but only for an hour. Today I was there for 4 hours. The admission prices are very reasonable. The museum is WOW! All the machines were fully functioning. All games are set to free play, have a description about the above the backbox and have high scores above the backbox for men, women and kids. The games I played the most were night rider, Evil Knievel, Genie and Medusa. There were too many em’s to mention as well. I was in heaven. Night Rider was the only game I came close to getting high score on which was about 101,000 and I got about 89,000. I highly recommend the place and the people are super friendly there. It was really great to play all the late Midway and Williams tables. The only Stern ones were Elvis, TSPPP and Sopranos. Another really fun game was Pistol Poker by Alvin G. They also had a giant Pitch and bat machine that I liked. I could go on and on but that is enough for now. Put this place on your bucket list.”