This one-player September release was designed by Steve Kordek with art package laid out by Christian Marche. 1,130 units were made, which is a pretty low production run. This is an add-a-ball game with a replay version also released called “Superstar.” This machine incorporates not one but three pop-up posts to deflect the ball from draining through the side drains as well as the flipper drain. The object of the machine is to extend your playing time by winning more free balls. This is achieved by completing the s-u-p-e-r roll-overs at the top of the play field. Doing so lights the hidden center kick-out hole. By dropping the target in front of this hole, one has a shot at the extra ball prize. If both specials are lit, two free balls are awarded. Completing each five-star sequence also advances the center shot award. Score is another to earn extra balls per game. Replay games were much more popular back in this era, but not every locale allowed replays.