This four-player machine was produced in November of the year with 2,675 units fabricated. It was designed by Ed Krynski with art penned by Art Stenholm. Technically, a couple of firsts were incorporated into this machine for Gottlieb, like an automatic ball lifter, decagon score reels and carousel roto-targets. The carousel roto-target allow one to shoot at one or two targets at a time if flipper savvy. The star on the unit awards an extra ball. The object of the game is to achieve high-enough scores to award replays. The big points are awarded when the two 10x lights under a roto-target light up, awarding 100 times the value of the number hit. The most attractive gadget built into the game is the dancing ballerina in the backglass, which dances when certain elements of the play field are achieved. A highly collectible game in its own right.