This game was a breakthru game. It is the first-ever talking pinball machine. Games of this era had synthesized sound, but this game spoke. The speech wasn’t very clear or very wordy, as memory chips of this era couldn’t hold too much information compared to today’s games, but it was a sensation for Williams. The production run for the game was 14,000 units. It was designed by Barry Oursler with art by Constantino Mitchell. The top three rollover lanes would, if completed give up two, then three times bonus. The snake pit in the upper-left playfield has a magnet under it, which captures the ball for bonuses and Gorgar’s chance to use his seven-word vocabulary. Spelling out the word “Gorgar” makes the monster say his name and increases bonus values. This game also incorporates the background noise made famous in the Williams game Flash (in the museum). This time the background sound is of a heartbeat. It gets faster and faster as you advance.