This rare add-a-ball game was released in April. It was designed by John Osbourne with artwork by Gordon Morison. A minimal total of 270 units were soldered together at the time. This is a small number for a pinball run. The replay version had a much larger production and the name of that game was Hit The Deck. As you can see from the backglass, Gottlieb tried to experiment with a score reel that was completely different in coloring. This was to attract attention to the game and attract quarters. The object of the game is to roll over the red number and/or black number sequence inherent in the game. If you are skillful enough to get the 9 to Ace sequence, some wow options will light up to score extra balls. A kickback feature is incorporated into the game in the upper-left area. This single-player game is challenging and a rare sight to see.