This massive baseball “pitch and bat” game is considered one of the best baseball
games of its era. One or two players could play this behemoth at once, with each player
alternating for three innings of play for a nickel or dime. The pitcher may randomly press
one of three pitch buttons to pick a weak-to-strong pitch to the batter. The open play
field allows one to try and score a home run in one of three bleachers. If you can achieve
getting a homer in all three bleachers during your three outs, 30 extra runs are awarded.
Then, of course, the ultimate tag of the ball would land the ball in the super home run
hole, a rare achievement. This would also award 30 extra runs. Another unique feature of
United baseball machines is the scoring of three singles if the ball drops in front of the
ramps. These games are also notorious for having a slew of “out” holes. Batter up!