Chris Jordan, at the Asbury Park Press covered our recent concert and had this to say,

“Dennis Diken knows something about pinball. After all, Diken and his bandmates in the Smithereens sublimely covered The Who’s “Tommy” on their 2009 album, “The Smithereens Play Tommy.”

Of course, “Tommy” is all about pinball. Back then, we did a photo shoot of the Smithereens at the Silverball Museum when it was located on Cookman Avenue for a story about the album. Now, it’s Diken and his pal Ed Alstrom, who’s the organist at Yankee Stadium, hitting the Silverball Museum on the boardwalk on Friday, Feb. 24.

They’re called 2 Guys, like the classic Jersey store, and the night will celebrate Diken’s 60th birthday.”


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