Introducing Ashley McFarland, an incredibly talented artist who has been obsessed with art since her childhood. Ashley’s professional career began when she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education & Art from Montclair State University. She then went on to teach elementary art in a school for five years, nurturing young minds and helping them unlock their creative potential.

Ashley’s love for art only grew stronger with time. She started by creating art for small businesses and eventually worked her way up to painting breathtaking murals for friends and commercial venues. One of her most notable achievements is the wall murals she created for Starbucks in Manhattan.

Art, Music, and Community: Ashley’s Unique Vision
As an artist, Ashley is always looking for ways to expand her horizons and challenge herself. She has plans to perform live art and sell her own pieces at music festivals across the East Coast, from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. Painting along to the rhythm of local bands, Ashley brings a fresh and interactive element to these events.

Her dedication to community and youth is evident in her work at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove, where she teaches children’s art classes and even incorporates live music painting with them. Ashley’s dream is to develop more community-based, affordable art classes for children, helping them access the joys of creativity.

Expanding the World of Art: Wearable Pieces and Collaborations
Ashley’s creativity doesn’t stop with murals and live performances. She has also dabbled in wearable art, with a few of her pieces being featured in shops around Asbury Park, her current hometown. Asbury Park has evolved over the past five years, with a growing openness to the fusion of music and visual arts. This has led to artists collaborating and bouncing ideas off each other, driving innovation and unique creations.

A Peek into Ashley’s Creative Process: The Silverball Murals
When Ashley was commissioned to create murals for Silverball, she immersed herself in research to find inspiration. She studied vintage pinball art and local murals, and also took cues from her personal preferences for strong female images, mermaids, and Native American genres. The result is a captivating blend of the 70s pinball art vibe and the venue’s atmosphere, leaving visitors in awe of her artistic talents.

So next time you’re admiring the artwork at Silverball, think of Ashley McFarland – the artist who brought her passion, talent, and creativity to life on these walls.

Learn more about Ashley and view her gallery of work.