Boasting childhood favorites like Skee-Ball and Pac-Man, plus hundreds of rare and vintage pinball machines, Silverball is a year-round destination.

Pings, clicks and boings fill the Silverball Retro Arcade in Asbury Park. The satisfying clunk of Skee-Ball and the electro-melodies of Pac-Man mingle with the thwack and jangle of pinball. These are the sounds of fun.  

First and foremost, Silverball Retro Arcade is a place to play games. New Jersey has its share of well-stocked arcades, from Game Vault in Morristown to the Yestercades locations in Westfield, Somerville and Red Bank, Lucky Snake in Atlantic City, Jilly’s Arcade in Ocean City, and Retro Arcade & Fascination in Wildwood. But with its scholarly emphasis on rare and vintage pinball machines, Silverball is also a lively museum, as well as a year-round destination on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. Silverball highlights about 200 pinball machines from a rotating collection of about 600. This is where the pinball cognoscenti go to play games.

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