This game is another breakthru game by Williams. 13,075 units were made. Steve Ritchie designed the game and Tony Ramunni did the art package. Larry Demar programmed the game. Black Knight invented the “magna save” feature which is activated by the second flipper buttons on the side of the cabinet. When active, timing is critical. By activating this feature, the ball, which was about to drain down the side drains, is magically transported to the ball guide lane back to the flipper for continued play. This game also incorporated the “bonus ball” feature if more than one player was playing the game. The person with the highest score is awarded at the end of the game with a bonus round, which is timed to try and pop a game. Finally, this game is the first game to have a two-level playfield. Steve Ritchie, the designer, used his voice as the Black Knight.